Calculator Pro Elite

Basic & Scientific Calculator
Paid Version
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Customizable Color Themes

  • Personalize your calculator with one of 15 pre-made color schemes
  • Design your own color themes with the theme editor!
  • Change the button shapes!
  • Choose your own photo background!


  • Tap the Layout button to quickly switch between layouts
  • 3 Portrait Layouts: Basic, Scientific, Tape
  • 3 Landscape Layouts: Basic, Scientific, Tape

History Tape

  • Every time you press equals your calculation is automatically saved with a time and date stamp.
  • Add an optional label and color to identify each calculation.
  • Share the history tape (e-mail, print, message, etc...)
  • To access, swipe down on the calculator, or tap the Layout button on the Display until the Tape view is showing.

Multiple History Tapes (In App Purchase)

  • Create more than one History Tape to keep your calculations separated.
  • Organize the Tapes and put them into Folders with Drag and Drop.
  • To access, tap the Tape button at the top of the History Tape, and then tap History Tapes.
  • To see the in app purchase in action and how to use it, watch this video:

Widget (In App Purchase)

  • Perform quick calculations without launching the main app.
  • Calculations are saved to the History Tape and synced with the main app.
  • Compact and expanded views.
  • The Widget can be accessed in your Today View or 3D Touch on the app icon (3D Touch mode is only available for iOS 13).
  • Note that in iOS 14+, due to restrictions by Apple preventing buttons inside of Home screen Widgets, the Widget can only be added to your Today View, and not your Home screen.
  • To add the Widget to your Today View in iOS 14+, watch this video:
  • To add the Widget to your Today View in iOS <14, and to see it in action, watch this video:
  • For more information on how to access widgets, visit Apple at

Adjustable Font Size

  • Adjust the font size in 5% increments.
  • Increase up to 140% bigger.

Automatic Number Formatting

  • Thousands Separators.
  • Adjustable minimum / maximum Decimal Digits.
  • Scientific or Engineering E Notation.

Customizable Buttons

  • Backspace Button: Solid or Arrow.
  • Division Button: Obelus ÷ or Solidus /.
  • E Button: Hidden, E, EE, 00, 000.

Dual Line Display

  • The result is calculated as you type.
  • The input and result are shown at the same time.
  • Multi-line input for really long equations.

Editable Input

  • Backspace button to correct your mistakes.
  • Copy and paste anywhere into the input.
  • Tap & hold to move the cursor.


  • Swipe down for the History Tape.


  • Show or hide the Memory buttons (M Plus, M Minus, M Store, M Recall, M Clear).
  • The Memory value is shown on the Display.

Split View

  • On the iPad, use the app at the same time as other apps.

Other Settings

  • Sound
  • Equals Repeat
  • Left Handed Mode
  • Light Tape Background
  • Rounded Buttons

URL Scheme

  • calculatorproelite://
  • calculatorproelitefree://

Voiceover Accessibility

  • Voiceover Accessibility with support for Touch Typing.