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A unit & currency calculator with a super clean interface, in-line and standalone calculators, customizable color, and 496 units in 27 categories (including 161 currencies).  Display only the units and categories you want and put them in any order.

Fast, Easy To Use

Pick a category, pick a unit, and then enter an amount. All other units are instantly converted relative to your selected unit as you enter the selected unit amount.


 Full screen calculator with memory functions quickly accessible from bottom toolbar

• Customizable color

• Customizable units (display only the units & categories you want in whatever order you want)

• In-line calculations while converting (fractions, decimals, add, subtract, multiply, divide).

• Convert multiple units / currencies at once

• Both unit names and symbols shown.

• Results with up to 12 significant digits.

• Automatic formatting of decimal and thousands separators according to your Region.

• Automatic formatting of extremely large or small numbers with scientific E notation.


- Font Size

- Sound

- Color Theme

- Show Thousands Separators

- Minimum Decimal Digits (0-12)

- Maximum Decimal Digits (0-12)

- E Notation (Off, Auto, Scientific, Engineering)

- Equals Repeat

- Replace ÷ Button With /

- E Button (E, 00, 000)

- Show Memory Buttons

- Memory Store (Result, Last Input Number)

- Currency Updates

- Symbol First

- In-Line Definitions

- UK Spelling

496 Units In 27 Categories

• Acceleration

• Angle

• Area

• Capacitance

• Currency

• Data

• Density

• Dynamic Viscosity

• Electric Charge

• Electric Current

• Electric Potential

• Electrical Conductance

• Electrical Resistance

• Energy

• Force

• Frequency

• Fuel Economy

• Length

• Mass

• Power

• Pressure

• Speed

• Temperature

• Time

• Torque

• Volume

• Weight (Mass)

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What is the difference between the Paid and Free (Lite) versions?

The only difference is that the Free version has ads.

Do I have to pay for the app on each device I own?

No, you only have to pay once and then you can download it again for free onto all of your devices.

The app is universal and works with both the iPhone and the iPad.

You can also share your purchase with others in your family if you have Family Sharing enabled on your account.

For more information about Downloading Previous Purchases and Family Sharing, please visit Apple at

Why do I keep getting ads after I paid for them to be removed?

The Paid version of the app is a totally separate app, so look for a new icon on your device without the word Lite on it.

Start using the Paid version from now on, and delete the Free version from your device so that you do not open it by mistake.

Here is what the two different icons look like for reference:

Paid Version
(No Ads)
Free Version
(Ad Supported)