Virtual Slime

Virtual Slime

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Virtual Slime

Play with slime on your device. Be creative, make any slime you want, even glow in the dark! Incredibly realistic 3d simulation that behaves just like actual slime. Includes real recorded, satisfying, ASMR slime sounds!

Play With Slimes

  • So realistic you'll think it's actual slime.
  • Play with your slimes in either ball or flat form.
  • 3D decorations that realistically move and rotate with your slime.
  • Glow in the dark slimes!  Clear slimes!  Crunchy slimes!

Make Slimes

  • Mix your slimes in either a bowl or a stand mixer.
  • Animated see through mixer that has actual moving gears.
  • View your slime collection in jars with labels, or out of jars.

Be A Virtual Slimer - Earn Coins By Selling Slime

  • Sell slime to earn coins that unlock new colors.
  • Make the slime and then send it to your customers.
  • Watch as your slime get packed into a jar and then a box, and sealed for shipment.

Be A Virtual Slimer - Gain Followers By Recording Videos

  • Record videos of you playing with your slimes that you can play back at any time.
  • Become a Celebrity Slimer by gaining virtual followers by recording videos.

Exchange Gifts

  • Share slime gifts with your friends.
  • Customize the gift wrap and ribbon.